Spiritual Direction is when you are helped to recognize the presence of the Holy One in your everyday life.

Meetings with a trained spiritual companion / director can be graced moments which may transform you, body, soul, mind and spirit. By reflecting on them again and again you realise the presence of God in your daily life and receive guidance to become wholly yourself, truly alive. The more you “know” the less you understand, but you discover over and over how the journey is full of challenges, wonderful surprises and many companions.

What is it?
Spiritual direction is a ministry and relationship in which one person accompanies another in the process of growing intimacy with the Holy Mystery, many call God. It’s like having a spiritual mentor, spiritual friend or spiritual companion.

The focus of Spiritual Direction is a person’s experiences of the Holy in their life and prayer. A director helps you to become aware of Spirit’s movements in your life and can encourage you to respond in ways that are uniquely your own.

Problems arise in each of our lives, which may affect our relationship with one another or with the Holy One. Problem solving, however, is not the focus of Spiritual Direction, as in counseling. Rather your attention is directed to the Divine Healer.

Regular meetings with a spiritual director help to cultivate spiritual awareness, to notice the sacred in yourself, in others, in everyday events, in creation, in all of life! This growing awareness gives life new wonder and meaning.

Who seeks it?
Women and men from all walks of life, from all faith traditions, and you if:

  • you find yourself desiring a deeper relationship with the Holy Mystery many call God;
  • you sense a need for a spiritual practice or discipline;
  • you find yourself desiring to grow spiritually;
  • you feel the need for help in discerning the call of God for you;
  • you want to explore new or more satisfying ways to pray;
  • your search for God is at a crossroad;
  • you desire a companion on your spiritual journey;
  • you feel drawn to Transcendence beyond your understanding;
  • you are seeking deeper meaning and wonder in life;

What happens
You can expect a director to listen attentively, with reverence and to ask reflective questions that may assist you in your spiritual journey. The focus is on you, rather than a mutual discussion of life issues which is more a friendship or mentoring.

A director may also suggest resources and rituals for you, sometimes scripture based. Spiritual direction is a sacred time in which you talk about your relationship with the Divine, self and others. Naturally, spiritual direction includes mutual sharing and problem solving but a director gentle encourages you to look at how you experience God in the challenges you face. Most simply, it is about one person directing another to focus on Spirit in their lives.

Blessings on your journey.