Spiritual Directors in Manitoba

Spiritual Directors who are receiving Directees in Manitoba – Updated March, 2016

Here is a list of Spiritual Directors in Manitoba with basic contact information. You are welcome to contact them about their broader professional training, education, experience or other information that you deem important, to see if one is a suitable companion for you on your sacred journey. At Spiritual Directors International there is good information how to choose a Spiritual Director. There is also Facebook page for Spiritual Directors of Manitoba .


Sr. Marie Baker OSB
204-338-4601  |  MBakerOSB@hotmail.com
Area: north end of Winnipeg, 3 k. north of the perimeter
Training: Shekinah Program, St. Benedict’s Retreat & Conference Centre
Spiritual Affiliation: Roman Catholic. Have had experience with all Christian denominations.

Rev. Mr. Stepan Bilynskyy
204-221-1602 | bilynsky@msn.com
Area: Southdale, Winnipeg
Training: MA (U of W), Shekinah Spiritual Direction Program (St. Benedict’s Retreat and Conference Centre, Winnipeg), Dignity Therapy (U of M), Trauma Cancelling (Gail Appel institute, Toronto),
Spiritual Affiliation: Roman Catholic; open to all spiritual paths

Yvonne Block
204-223-9684  |  yblock2@mymts.net
Area: Winnipeg, MB (Winnipeg Centre)
Training: Haden Institute
Spiritual Affiliation: inter-spirituality, ecumenical Christian Catholic

Brenda Brand
204-243-2169  |  babrand@mts.net
Area: Poplar Point/Portage la Prairie and Winnipeg
Training: Jubilee Program
Spiritual Affiliation: United Church of Canada; open to all spiritual paths

Judith Burch
204-269-4417  |  judithaburch@gmail.com
Area: South Pembina Hwy.
Training: BA (Sociology/Religious Studies); Prairie Jubilee Program, UofW
Spiritual Affiliation: Unitarian, Interspiritual and open to all

Rachel Twigg Boyce
204-791-4956  |  rtwigg@mymts.net
Area: West End
Training: Shekinah School of Spiritual Direction, St. Benedict’s Retreat & Conference Centre
Spiritual Affiliation: Ecumenical Christian

Adel Compton
204-232-9592  |  ahcompton@gmail.com
Area: North End Winnipeg & Pelican Lake, MB
Training: Prairie Jubilee Program, Masters of Sacred Theology UofW; MDiv, St. Andrew’s College, Saskatoon; Parish Nursing (UofAlberta); Returning To Spirit (Aulneau Centre)
Spiritual Affiliation: I honour all spiritual paths. My Christian formation began in UCC; with inter spiritual deepening in urban contexts and ongoing personal alignment with Sacred Feminine from traditional indigenous teachings.

Pascale Dalcq
204-233-7554  |  pascaled@mts.net
Area: St Boniface
Training: Intensive year of training at “Centre de Spiritualité Manrèse” Quebec City
Spiritual Affiliation: Roman Catholic, with an ecumenical background

Kristi Degenhardt
204-334-7797  |  degsies@mts.net
Area: Wolseley
Training: Shekinah School of Spiritual Direction, St. Benedict’s Retreat & Conference Centre
Spiritual Affiliation: Mennonite Brethren, open to all Christian expressions

 Frances Evers
204-414-6134  |  efranc@shaw.ca
Area: North Main, past perimeter
Training: Shekinah Spiritual Direction Program, St. Benedict’s Retreat & Conference Centre
Spiritual Affiliation: Roman Catholic. Open to all denominations

 Kalyn Falk
204-479-4236  |  kalynfalk@mymts.net  |  www.kalynfalk.com
Area: South Osborne
Training: Prairie Jubilee, MA, Theology (UofW); Co-director of Shekinah 2013-’15
Spiritual Affiliation: Open to people on any path. originally Mennonite Brethren background; active member of St. Benedict’s Table, (Anglican) for past decade

 Rev. Nancy Finlayson B.Ed. UofM., M.Div., UofW
204-453-8491  |  nancy-finlayson@shaw.ca
Area: St. Paul’s Anglican Church, 830 North Drive, Winnipeg (Fort Garry)
Training: Shekinah School of Spiritual Direction; Cert. MFT, Graduate of the Academy for Spiritual Formation; Certified Enneagram Coach & Spectrum Training; Grief Work Training
Religious Affiliation: Christian but open to all people

 Therese Fortin
204-284-2293  |  tfortincsc@mts.net
Area: I live in Winnipeg off Osborne (near Riverview Health Center)
Spiritual Affiliation: Roman Catholic with experiences with many Christian denominations

 Judith Froese Doell
204-534-6944  | j.frodoe@gmail.com
Area: Brandon and Boissevain
Training: MA, Theological Studies; Shekinah Spiritual Direction, St. Benedict’s Retreat & Conference Centre; Canadian Association for Spiritual Care training.
Religious Affiliation: Mennonite / Anglican

 Laura Funk
204-489-7016  |  anam.Charaid.Soul.Friend@gmail.com
Area: Winnipeg, MB (Wolseley)
Training: Shekinah: School of Spiritual Direction, St. Benedict’s Retreat & Conference Centre; B.Th, CMBC; M.A. Christian Ministry, CMU; Immanuel Prayer; some Gestalt training
Spiritual Affiliation: Ecumenical Christian with experience in several denominations, Catholic and Mennonite; interest in Celtic models of Christianity.

 Rev. Earl Gould
204-888-1543  |  egould8@shaw.ca
Area: St. James (Westwood), Winnipeg
Training: BSc Ag; MDiv; STM; Shekinah Program at St. Benedict’s ongoing –peer group supervision
Spiritual Affiliation: United Church of Canada, comfortable with inter-faith dialogue and 12 step programs

 Jocelyn Kuhl
204-479-3669  |  jaekuhl@gmail.com
Area: Tuxedo & Corydon
Training: Prairie Jubilee Program, Dept. of Theology, UofW
Spiritual Affiliation: Member of River East Mennonite Brethren Church

 Renée Lavitt
204-477-9509  |  renee.lavitt@gmail.com
Area: Winnipeg, close to the Pan Am Pool
Religious Affiliation: Roman Catholic

 Shelly Manley-Tannis
204-253-7200  |  slmt@perlucidus.net
Area: South St. Vital, Winnipeg
Training: Jubilee Program
Religious Affiliation: United Church of Canada, open to many paths

 Ellen Martens
204-534-6952  |  bmarten1@mts.net
Area: Boissevain, Manitoba – I can easily travel to Brandon and areas

 Lori Matties
204-668-2527  |  lematties@gmail.com
Area: Wolseley area of Winnipeg.
Training: Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary
Religious Affiliation: Mennonite with United Church background and appreciation for all spiritual paths

 Jan McIntyre
204-529-2075  |  jan_mcintrye@hotmail.com
Area: South Central Manitoba. Live near Clearwater, MB.
Training: Prairie Jubilee Program, STAR Practitioner (Strategic Trauma Awareness and Resilience), Eastern Mennonite University
Spiritual Affiliation: United Church of Canada, member of Anglican lay ministry team, Mennonite affiliations, experience with Muslim Faith

 Stephen Murphy
204-786-2494  |  smurphy@spiritualdirection.ca
Area: South Osborne, Winnipeg
Training: Shekinah School of Spiritual Direction, St. Benedict’s Retreat and Conference Center; M.Div, Pastoral Counselling, Uof W
Spiritual Affiliation: Ecumenical Christian – open to journeying with all seekers

 Nancy Phillips
204-488-8398  | dnphil@mymts.net
Training: Shekinah School of Spiritual Direction, St. Benedict’s Retreat and Conference Centre Spiritual Affiliation: Anglican

 Mary Reimer
204-487-2867  |  mary@gdreimer.com
Area: River Heights, South Winnipeg
Training: MA Spiritual Formation and Leadership – Spring Arbor University; Spiritual Director training, Christos Center, Minneapolis
Spiritual Affiliation: Founding pastor of FaithWorks, Mennonite Brethren church; director in Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius

 Susan Roe-Finlay
Area: Crescentwood near Osborne Village
Training: Shekinah at St. Benedict’s Retreat & Conference Centre
Spiritual Affiliation: Anglican, open to walking with all spiritual seekers

 Laure Salo
204-254-7958  |  billaure@shaw.ca
Area: St. Vital, fairly close to St. Vital Shopping Centre
Training: Shekinah School of Spiritual Direction, St. Benedict’s Retreat & Conference Centre,
Spiritual affiliation: Roman Catholic. Welcome to all who are on a Holy Quest

 Sister Dora Tetreault, MO
204-233-7287 (work)  |  204-233-4986 (res)  |  doratetreault@hotmail.com
Area: St. Boniface
Training: Exercises of St. Ignatius and Ignatian spirituality, Guelph, ON
Spiritual affiliation: Roman Catholic (Christian)

 Hilda Toews
Area: Downtown Winnipeg & Kilkee, west coast of Ireland
Training: Prairie Jubilee Spiritual Directors; M.Div, UofW; BA (Psychology and Sociology) University of Manitoba, RN Red River Community College, Winnipeg.
Spiritual affiliation: Life long Spiritual aspirant with Mennonite roots.

 Cathie Waldie
204-750-2681  |  cathiewaldie@gmail.com
Area: Carman, Morden and area
Training: Prairie Jubilee program
Spiritual Affliation: United Church of Canada but open to all spiritual paths

 Wilma Wiens
204-255-7027  |  wilma@nlis.ca
Area: south of Winnipeg, just north of St Adolphe off of PR 200
Training: Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary; MA in Theological Studies, Canadian Mennonite University
Spiritual Affiliation: Ecumenical Christian

 Anne Whitford
204-229-9179  |  anne_whitford@hotmail.com
Area: West End, Winnipeg
Training: Prairie Jubilee Program; BA psych; MA Theology; MMFT cand.
Spiritual Affiliation: Mennonite, but open to people of any spiritual perspective

 Jan Woltmann
204-294-9944  |  janwoltmann@imagodei-wpg.org
Area: North Kildonan & River Heights
Training: Spiritual Direction certificate from Christos Center For Spiritual Formation (Minneapolis MN); MA Christian Studies (Providence College & Seminary, MB); B.Ed.UofW
Spiritual Affiliation: Ecumenical Christian – Mennonite Brethren background