Spiritual Directors in Manitoba

There is a list of Spiritual Directors in Manitoba with basic contact information at http://spiritualdirectionmb.webs.com You are welcome to contact them about their broader professional training, education, experience or other information that you deem important, to see if one is a suitable companion for you on your sacred journey. At Spiritual Directors International there is good information how to choose a Spiritual Director. There is also Facebook page for Spiritual Directors of Manitoba .

The “webmaster” of this site is Stephen Murphy. This site is my small way of letting interested people know about spiritual direction. I have been blessed to journey with folk as a spiritual director (SD)/ companion / soul friend since 2000. That’s the year I graduated from the Shekinah School of Spiritual Direction at St. Benedict’s Retreat and Conference Centre, just north of Winnipeg, Manitoba. St. Ben’s continues to be a special place of personal spiritual renewal, through times of silent retreats or workshops. My spiritual journey has been enriched from study in Bible colleges (Pentecostal and Mennonite) and the University of Winnipeg culminating with a M.Div. & STM from the Faculty of Theology in 2010.  My training in spiritual companioning / direction and spiritual care (CPE for chaplaincy) and present employment as an on-call spiritual care provider at Health Science Centre (Winnipeg’s primary tertiary care hospital) provide practical ways to put my studies and experience to use. Early in 2018 I retired leaving part-time employment as a Co-Minister of Pastoral and Spiritual Care in Grace Bible Church (a small non-denominational group of Christians). Regular meetings with peers keeps me grounded and accountable. The greatest gift of being a spiritual director is the way it integrates my ecumenical theological studies and contemplative spirituality with the sacred task of accompanying others on their unique spiritual journey. I believe a deep ‘knowing’ of the Holy is possible and the only way to true living. You can contact me by email: stephen.murphy@mymts.net or by cell phone: 204-687-2494